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Some may have noticed that I have no signature,  there isn't any real reason for this other than being lazy. I can't decide what I want it to be. Looking over the characters to post I noticed some will need to be reworked and altered (anything from unclear description drastically overpowered).

These past couple of weeks have been interesting; being a gamer growing up I've gathered various tastes for gaming. I like solo-ing challenges but team work tends to be more fun. When I need to fit a particular role, I am an extremist, I put all my resources into it. If I have an advantage, I exploit it and increase it, even sacrificing other resources to do so.
If I'm a tank, I walk into trouble and it backs off. But I'm slow.
If I'm an idiot, expect me to die frequently. Which is more often then I'd like.
If I'm a dps, I cut down anyone foolish enough to stay near me. But I'm fragile.
If I'm a ninja, nothing can catch me nor run from me. But I'm not a ninja.
On a side note; I've ran into 4 different girls in the past few days playing games. Unfortunately I don't come across them very often (although I'd like to) from having a variable schedule. The funny thing is, I'm a silent type but I have a fear of silence (mild, compared to my fear of heights), I get on my own nerves.

Also I play games for fun; not realism, not for a history lesson and not to be repeatedly insulted by honor-less jerks I can't personally slap across the face. However I find it hilarious the games depicting WW2 have continued to be made for a longer period of time than the actual war and still have blatant unrealistic qualities.

I don't know were I'm going with this next tangent, maybe I will when I'm done typing. I know some like to share their dreams, that's fine, I like listening to them but I rarely share my own. I had made the mistake of telling a girl I dreamed of rescuing her, she laughed and has since  treated me with contempt. I've dreamed of different kinds of the apocalypse, but those around me ignored me. I've also dreamed of torture, but I don't dare tell anyone of it. You see I've grown up with a vivid imagination and creativity, my capacity for using these tools has not waned over the years, and I've only added to the collection of what I can think of. Being an empathetic soul is normally a great help being a patient listener. But death sentences are the only relief from the kinds of cruelty I have dreamed. This is not all bad news however, I have been able to give reasonable advice to friends that needed me, and I have had great dreams I wish I could dream again. But they are few and far. When I share my wonderful dreams, they are insulted, so I'm a man of simple pleasures, complexity I think is in the group that can be 'too much of a good thing'. I've only vaguely studied psychology and I cannot answer most of my own questions, but don't worry about me. I've survived more than you know. Huh, I still don't know were I was going with this (incredibly long) tangent, go figure.

I'll stop here for today sense the scroll bar has appeared, I don't mean to depress you, I'm just venting. And the random food shall be cottage cheese.

All this brought to you by the Random Thoughts Interweb Nonblog Journal, and powered by the breath of GOD and His only begotten son Jesus Christ.
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NinjaWereWulf Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE THIS AND LOVE YOU MY BRO IN CHRIST! i especially liked the "Being an empathetic soul is normally a great help being a patient listener." part! THAT WAS PURE POETRY MY FRIEND! remember this: "it is better to be silver-tongued than iron-fisted" i know from first-hand experience (^^,)
MrJTC Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
And you too my brother. I agree with you completely on the "it is better to be silver-tongued than iron-fisted", my only hindrance is that I'm not very charismatic. So I let those around me vent to me, because listening doesn't require charisma and they feel better.
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