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  • Mood: Relief
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Hopefully you have noticed I have returned, if not . . . well I'm back. And with some good news, note it's not THE good news. As I have stated before, I was involved in a debate among family backstabbing that had to include the legal system. Long story short, we won, only by 2/3 but a victory nevertheless. This means I'll be able to return to college (although may not be the 1 I was at to begin with), and that the debt will still be split among the family. It is insanely unlikely I will ever go back to my last home town (but doesn't include nearby cities), as it has become clear that my father cannot be trusted. So my family has been sheared and as far as I can tell, never to be restored; but I never had much of a relationship to him to begin with, and since his relatives are worse than he is, their existence no longer matters to me. It's sad when strangers are more trust worthy than one's own parents, but society has been collapsing for the last few decades and nobody noticed.

I know not why the LORD has granted our prayers; perhaps I am to be an example of His work, or a witness to others, or to be a guardian for the weak. I still have no idea what my purpose is in this world, but I'll gladly do His will and trust Him. I know I am not the most trust able of people, I have betrayed Him and my friends on several occasions, but He continues to provide. Feel free to ask anything, if I don't know the answer I'll tell you so. GOD is not 2 faced, but 2 handed; a paraphrase from my history teacher back in high school. Don't let your past burden you, the future is so much more important.

I should get around to putting up some more stuff in the near future, I found roughly 200 pics of interesting stuff; but I won't upload all of it, for obvious reasons (note the concept 'interesting' is relative). Still trying to stabilize a sleep cycle and nail down a job, not to worried about it though. As long as I can keep busy I won't loose my marbles, unless I already have and I don't know it. Which would be much funnier I suppose, but never mind. I do have an item that may draw some attention, I think I can upload it tomorrow.

Random food? Apple scrip

All this brought to you by the Random Thoughts Interweb Nonblog Journal, and powered by the breath of GOD and His only begotten son Jesus Christ.
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June 4, 2012


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