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  • Mood: Vengeful
Although I would like to leave my past behind me, somebody has to keep bringing it with 'well what if it went like this?'. Family can be the biggest  irritation in life, and because of legal issues problems take 5 times longer than they should. However the fastest solutions would be more than ethically dangerous.

Okay, with a little ventilation we shall move on to other issues. I should be-able to pick up on the characters next week, and as some have noticed, I'm already back yet still sporadic. The Mk1 is to note for future references when I cannot be here as a daily basis. I'm not mad at anyone here, just irked at how much society has collapsed driving relatives against each other.

And for some reason I cannot gather my thoughts, It could be that I'm getting back to my regular caffeine and that I've missed a night's sleep. I find it interesting how resilient the mind is to stressors but fragile to shocks. An organic combination of glass and rubber; strong yet pliable, brittle yet reforming. Probly going to take a nap soon, as my thoughts are running together but I cannot tell which led the other. Short term memory has become unreliable, both by time and by context. I wonder what would happen after missing several days sleep consecutively.
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May 22, 2012


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